Captain James Redd (capn_redd) wrote in ms_elegante,
Captain James Redd


Play nice
Don’t start stuff, no throwing things at other people, etc. We’re here to have fun, not fight. If you have a problem, please contact the mods – that’s what we’re here for!

Stay in character
That’s why you’re playing said character, right? :3 Even if you're playing an OC, they have a personality (we hope!) and should not be a one-size-fits-all plot device. (We call those Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues, and they're not allowed, ducklings!)

Don’t powergame
That means no controlling others characters/the environment/etc., and don’t make your characters super amazingly powerful.

Don’t confuse IC with OOC
Just because you know something doesn’t mean your character does, and just because a character is evil doesn’t mean the player is :)

Don’t break the fourth wall
Please do not have your character be aware that another character is fictional! Example: seeing Mario on the ship and telling him that he’s from a video game. It gets old after a while, and traumatizes our characters ;o;

There's plenty of time for that on 4th Wall Day~

Activity checks are monthly
Please make at least one post a month with each character! ICly, your characters will be "encouraged" to post by being sprayed with water from their communicators if they make it onto the AC.

If a character is dropped by the AC, you have up to one week afterwards to claim them without reapping; if you wish to do so, please comment on the AC post and repost the Taken Characters and Friend Add/Removes.

And that's pretty much it! Nice and simple, right? :D

Need more info? Try the long rules or the FAQ!

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