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◥ What is this?

Specifically, this RP takes place aboard a reality-changing cruise ship, captained by the (possibly a bit loony) Captain Redd. It's nice enough, even with the lack of crew, but every so often, things happen. The boat grows wings, monsters attack, eggs rain down from the sky -- anything and everything!
◥ How does my character get on the boat, then?
Your character was off doing whatever it is they do -- sleeping, eating, walking, fighting -- when suddenly they find themselves in their room aboard the M.S. Elegante. Poof, just like that.

They have also come into possession of a communicator of sorts. Like a little palm pilot, it gives them access to their own page/frequency on Elegante's ShipNET -- like the internet, but restricted only to those aboard the boat.

ShipNET provides them with text, audio & video features and the deck plan.

◥ ShipNET?
Each character will be given a communicator on arrival, a very cute little mini-computer to carry around with them. It's very easy to use, so with a little help even the most techno-phobic of passengers should be able to manage with them.

Your communicator is not breakable, though you can feel free to lose it (it will appear on your bed later).

Posts made to your character journal should be labeled as voice or text, with whatever language is being used (crew can communicate with all passengers regardless). ShipNET automatically translates text. Voice, however, will not be automatically translated.

Unlabeled posts will be assumed to be audio in Common language (recognized by most passengers as English).

Until recently, ShipNET was text/audio only. Video has recently been enabled, but there is a 30 second recording limit, at which point it will automatically cut off.

HACKING: The communications devices can be hacked and locked. However, please make sure to label clearly.

20% unhackable -- the equivalent of programming a microwave. Pretty basic for everyone who comes from modern times.
40% -- programming a VCR. A bit more difficult, and may lead to button mashing for some.
60% -- hacking into my normal little Dell laptop.
80% -- hacking into a more advanced system.
100% -- you're pretty fr34k1n l33t th4r.

Note that, while 100% unhackable means no other passengers will see it, crew will be able to hack it, if they are so inclined. Likewise, crew can make 100% unhackable posts, but REDD will be able to see it all. He's like Ceiling Cat, only not as cute!

◥ What sort of characters can I have?
The Elegante accepts both OC and fandom characters. OCs will be judged more critically than fandom, however, to prevent Mary Sues. In addition, OCs must come from their own universe (i.e. no new Jedi Knights, Sailor Senshi or Death Note owners); in other words, no fandom OCs, as they make canon changes far too complicated for counterparts from the same world.

AU versions of characters cannot be accepted.

Applications are processed on a weekly basis; cut-off time is 6pm EST.

Elegante is a multifandom game, but we DO NOT accept real people (you, Britney Spears, Bill Nye even though that would be awesome). We also cannot take webcomic characters who are real--life avatars of their artists/writers (people from Penny Arcade, for example, would not be accepted).

Historical figures, if they are taken from a fictional account, are fine.

Characters that are dead in their canon are also accepted (and resurrected, naturally)! In fact, characters may be taken from any point in their timeline.

◥ Doubles?
We only accept doubles if they could canonically exist side-by-side in their world. Examples:

OKAY (could canonically exist side-by-side):
◥ Ocarina of Time Link & Twilight Princess Link
◥ Future Trunks and chibi Trunks

NOT OKAY (could NOT canonically exist side-by-side):
◥ Heartless Riku and normal Riku
◥ Dark Jak and Jak

◥ How many characters do I get?
The current character limit is FIVE. However, if you're super awesome (i.e. your activity level is good with all of your current characters), ask; we might give you more :D

Concerning apping two characters from the same fandom -- they are generally not accepted, sorry. This is to discourage playercest. If you can make a good case as to why said characters would not interact (so that you wouldn't be playing with yourself), we might let you have them.

◥ What about character powers?
Powers aboard the ship will be dampened. A magic-user will still be able to cast spells, but it will be harder than usual. Superheroes will still be super, but to a lesser degree. Telepaths will have a harder time talking with their brains. Excessive usage/trying too hard might result in fainting, headaches, etc.

The exception to the rule are powers that would allow a character to leave the ship. Teleportation inside will work; trying to teleport outside causes them to land randomly in the ship. Flight works until you get too far away/high; then you hit the invisible force field and come back down. Jumping overboard will count as a death, and you will reappear back in your room 24 hours later as if you had died.

Also, no matter how hard you try, the ship seems indestructible, although you can throw lamps, expensive cases and cakes all around if you like. Destroyed objects, unless otherwise specified, will reappear after a bit.

We leave it up to players to limit their character's powers responsibly, but if you get stuck, feel free to hunt down Otana (AIM @ flingintoalake) to help you figure out where to start!

If you feel that someone is NOT self-limiting their powers appropriately, please contact Otana (AIM @ flingintoalake). See also the Rules regarding player disagreements.

◥ Can I play a crew member?
No, sorry. Crew are playable by moderators only. You are, however, free to take charge of one of the many vacant bars/cafes aboard the ship (several are currently "staffed" by passengers!).

You could also ask if the stewardess (youdbettertip) would like some help, but she probably won't let you. She's a bit cranky.

◥ So where will my character stay?
Every character gets their own room. Rooms are locked via keycards (aside from the "shopping rooms" on Deck 12); you will receive your keycard when you arrive. Try not to lose it -- the Stewardess gets upset whenever someone asks for a replacement.
◥ Let's say I get buddy-buddy with someone. Can we share a room?
Yes, but you will have to implore the crew for two keycards.
◥ So my character has this awesome gun and could blow a hole in the side of the ship, and --
NO WEAPONS ARE TO BE BROUGHT ABOARD THE ELEGANTE. Even if your character always carries it around, it will disappear upon arriving. Guns, swords, plasma wands -- no matter how sneaky your character is, it's not here. Scissors, sonic screwdrivers, candlesticks -- more ordinary objects -- are allowed. We have kitchen knives aboard -- there's no need to bring one from home.

If an item doubles as a possible weapon (i.e., spiked clothing, chains, etc.), it will also be confiscated. If it is not a "typical" weapon but is used AS a weapon by the character (i.e. a skateboard that you use to hit people), it will be confiscated.

Weapons that are normally summoned will not be summon-able. Those magically created from pre-existing matter (i.e. Fullmetal Alchemist) will be extremely fragile and very difficult to create.

Spell components for offensive spells will be confiscated. Ingredients solely for defensive or neutral magic are allowed.

"Natural" weapons (tusks, claws) are generally left untampered.

◥ Well what can my character bring on board? What about pets / money / musical instruments?
As long as it is not a weapon, anything your character was carrying on them at the time will come with. Currency is rather useless - everything is free! Electronics are of limited usefulness (no Internet, radio, etc.). Abnormal items like jet boots will have to be cleared by a mod first.

Animals/pets are negotiable. Please contact a mod.

◥ What about my wheelchair?
Of course that is fine (although if equipped with any weapons, these components will be disabled). And yes, the Elegante is wheelchair-accessible!
◥ Sight-impaired?
All text on the ship (except Redd's sooper seekrit passenger files) auto translates into a passenger's most comfortable language, and this would include Braille.
◥ SEX? 83
We here on the M.S. Elegante do not shirk at smut! However due to our age limit, we ask that anything that starts getting a bit hot and sweaty be continued in our adult community (ms_adultgante), or faded out if the players are under 18. This is due to the LJ TOS and possible legal issues, rather than us being big meanie pants spoilsports.

Important: Although this is not IC knowledge (and there are contraceptives onboard), characters CANNOT get pregnant while on the Elegante. Due to plot-specific conditions, it is impossible.

Bringing a pregnant character aboard? Please contact Otana (AIM @ flingintoalake) to see how this will affect them.

◥ What about death?
Anything can happen aboard the ship, including injury and death (especially if they wander into the more dangerous areas of the ship!). Your character will be brought back to their room 24 hours after they die. Anything they had on them -- including clothes (but EXCLUDING the communicator) -- will have been dispersed out across the ship.

Of course, there might be other effects as the deaths pile up. As long as your character does not die twice during a three month period, they will be safe. One death every three months will be treated as normal, they'll come back nude as the day they were born, but safe. BUT IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE, THERE WILL BE PENALTIES.

Please contact a mod for details if you want to deal with these death repercussions, since they will differ slightly depending on whether your character is humanoid or not!

◥ But I will come back, right?
WAIT ONE SECOND, CROOK! Fighting is discouraged among passengers. That is, the Captain gives one warning for fighting, and punishments if that isn't enough. Each character gets one warning for non-lethal attacks (even accidents). After that, they will be punished -- each punishment is different, from being stuck without a voice to being turned into a hamster to .

If a character throws the first punch in a fight or is provoked into attacking, they will receive a warning for the first instance and a punishment for all further fights. If the first blow comes from the other party, your character will not receive a warning.

Killing merits an instant punishment -- no warnings. The punishment for murder is three days in the brig with a six day punishment.

Speaking of whom, the Captain gets extremely upset when a passenger kills a crew member. Punishments for doing so are generally both extremely unpleasant and lethal.

If your character gets into a fight, please tell the mods! Sometimes we lose track of things and we are unable to track every thread. Busy, busy little ponybees that we are~

NB: the current list of warnings and punishments has been in effect since July 1, 2010.

◥ But wait, my character really likes fighting and wants to spar with someone...
Never fear! As long as a fight is mutual (that is, both parties agree to the fight before the first punch is thrown), then there will be no punishment. If it becomes mutual midway through a fight (i.e. both parties decide "hey, this is fun!"), there will still be a punishment for the one who threw the first hit. REMEMBER: it is always the fault of the person who landed the first blow, not the person who may have taunted, goaded or tricked them into it. Unfair, but since when has Redd been the compassionate sort?

Along those lines, Redd does not need to hear out loud a declaration of intent. He will know without being told (HE CAN READ YOUR MIND OOOOOEEEEEEOOOOOOOO~). That said, this is not widely known ICly, so please ensure your characters discover this accordingly!

Also do bear in mind that murder will always result in brig time and punishment, regardless of the original battle being mutual, or the actual death being mutually agreed upon. The only time this rule is ever flexible is with suicide, or in the case of mod-sanctioned plot events where mercy killings may be required.

◥ I want my character punished a certain way. :3
Well we can't make any promises, but if you let a mod know what you're looking for we will relay the suggestion to Redd! But be prepared - the Captain is a rather imaginative fellow. He might take creative liberties.
◥ What about diseases and sickness?
Don't worry, there are no communicable diseases (well, aside from moderator-sanctioned exceptions) on board the good ship failboat. So no colds, no influenza, no ebola or bubonic plague. Captain Redd keeps a very clean ship.

Illnesses brought on by stress or an infected injury however are of course possible, and existing allergies and non-contagious conditions will not be cured upon arrival.

◥ I played here before, can I come back?
We're so glad to see you again! ♥ If you wish to apply with a character who was already aboard the ship, you need only to re-app.

Please note, however, that the character will not recall their previous voyage aboard the Elegante. Unfortunately, CR can not be retained once a character has been dropped. If you really do not want to lose your CR but think you may have to drop, please consider consulting a mod regarding an extended hiatus.

◥ My character wants to make a replacement weapon or limb, is this possible?
Within reason! Redd doesn't like to just give his passengers weapons, but he's fairly relaxed about them creating some kind of prison shiv. Broken bottles, sharpened butter knives, carved wooden swords, nunchucks, and so on are simple to throw together. Anything more complex than that (for example copper swords, rudimentary projectiles, etc.) will require mod permission, and a certain amount of research and realism.

Replacement limbs are a little more complicated. AMU can produce very good synthetic body parts upon request, please contact Mana (AIM @ manawoof) for details. Resources are limited on the boat and of course, your character canonically needs to have the skill to make and attach such a limb!

◥ But my character is a scientist/mechanic/robotics expert/chemical biologist and could EASILY make a chemical bomb and --
Woah, hold on there sparky. If your character is clever with chemicals or other trades, please leave a message with any mod. We don't mind if characters are able to jerry rig together the odd piece of equipment, but there is no easy way to forge explosives, combustion engines, firearms, pharmaceuticals or extreme acids/bases. Yes, there are fun things you can make with common household ingredients and any character with the proper know-how can make some nasty poisons or devices, but since this boat is depressingly realistic we do not handwave the construction of such substances or devices.
◥ My character can sense ghosts, are there ghosts on the ship?
Yes, the ship has several non-player spiritual presences on board.
◥ My character IS a ghost!
Unfortunately due to plot restrictions, we cannot accept ghost characters.
◥ My character is visible as human to some people and non-human to others (Wolf's Rain, etc.).
The Captain and Crew would be able to see their true form. Passenger characters could decide OOCly whether they would see them as human, depending on their abilities and your canon.
◥ My series hasn't been imported/translated into English, is this OK?
Characters may be apped from a source in any language, regardless of translation. We would ask that a more detailed background and links to canon explanations be provided in order to verify the application.
◥ Fanon?
Within reason. If you can support your fanon with direct canon, and it does not cause problems for current or potential canon-mates, it is probably OK. If you have any questions about your fanon, please feel free to run it by a mod!
◥ My character has been here for a year, this means they grow up! Right?
Nope, sorry, they're not! Characters do not age while aboard the Elegante. (Hair and nail growth are normal though; it's a funny old boat like that.)

It has been mentioned in passing ICly that younger characters haven't aged; however, it's not common knowledge (yet), so feel free to have your character celebrate their birthdays regardless!

◥ Could the bees be lured from Deck 6?
Yes, but do be careful! If frightened they may attempt to defend themselves, and it would be tragic to for a bee to die from the loss of its stinger!
◥ Double PBs?
It is okay to choose a PB in use by another character, within reason. Please feel free to contact a mod with specifics.
◥ Sentient animals?
As long as they can communicate via text or speech (i.e., use their comm), sentient animals are perfectly acceptable.

Heck, we've got a seagull.

◥ Dude. I have. THE BEST IDEA EVER. For this game.
Ooh, we love ideas! Send plot ideas over to The Plot Post and game suggestions over to The Suggestions Post.

Anything else? Ask away!

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