Captain James Redd (capn_redd) wrote in ms_elegante,
Captain James Redd

Suggestions, Complaints, Love

Anything else we forgot? Got a problem? Advice? Chocolate? Leave it here ♥ (please specify what sort of comment you're leaving in the header.)

For plot-specific suggestions, please go here!

  • Sandbox time!

    This is it, duckies! The final sandbox for the game can be found at thegoldenshore, and you can start posting as soon you like~ There's…

  • /funeral dirge

    [ Hooray! Did everyone enjoy their promptu swimming lesson? ... no? Oh. Well then. At least there's land though, right? The weather's lovely too,…

  • ... strangely conflicted :|a

    [ After several of the passengers had broken the emergency glass panel in the Captain's command deck, the Elegante slowly, slowly begins to move…

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