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Deck Plan

The deck plans are absolutely enormous. Browser-crashingly so, in fact. So they are not found in this entry, but direct links are provided to them, where you may peruse them at your leisure.

You may also find the Elegante Wiki useful!

Basic Information:
  1. There are 19 decks aboard the MS Elegante that are currently accessible to passengers. There are areas of the ship that the crew can go that passengers cannot.

  2. As the game progresses, the map will change. Some of it will be plot-related, other occurrences will just be random. For a history of these changes, please visit the provided Wiki links!

  3. Related to above, if you as a player would like to suggest a change or addition to the map, please post it in the Suggestion box (here), or contact Otana (AIM: flingintoalake)!

Deck 56
◥ Map Unavailable

The deck that contains the ship brig. It's cold, it's dark, prisoners are fed cold gruel once a day from a chute and the guards are walking skeletons. There are also rats and skeleton-cats. You don't want to go here! You cannot reach this deck without assistance from crew, or unless you are placed there by the captain!

While in the brig, captives will transit static from their communicators, although they will be able to be heard.

JULY 2010: Instead of being drafty and chilly, the cell is warm. Very warm. The floor is soft and uneven and it seems to be made out of flesh. The only light comes from a single lightbulb that hangs from the center of the ceiling, and the lightbulb is fused with what looks like neural tissue to provide the electricity. A heartbeat can be heard if one presses their ear to the soft, pulsating wall. As for food and water...

In the cells of characters over 18, human breasts grow out of the walls here and there, beside human arms of all shades and pigmentations. The arms and hands wave around gently, seeking to touch something. Moving too close to them will earn you a punch or a scratch, and striking back at them seems to have no effect whatsoever. It's just so hot in there, you're bound to get thirsty eventually.

Characters under 18 are mercifully free of the breasts, and instead simply have the arms. A crevase opens up in the floor twice a day full of milk if they want to drink or eat. The rest of the time, the passengers have only the waving hands, the shifting, pulsating floor, the heat and boredom to keep them company.

For all our lucky brig passengers, make sure not to sleep for too long! The arms will slowly, slowly grow out of the pulsating floor during the night and attempt to envelop the prisoner. Pulling oneself away will make them retract immediately, but sleep for more than three hours at a time and they'll be back...
Deck 20

At first it appears to be an enormous, never ending ... lot of nothing.

Well not quite nothing, there is a control panel attached to the wall. Switch it on, and a series of options become available for the M.S. Elegante's very own Racing Deck!

Think of it like a holodeck from Star Trek; every vehicle imaginable is available, from zoomers to chocobos, cars to bikes, ATVs to hoverboards, and there are many tracks, from a desert track, a jungle track, a volcano track, a city track, a beach track, a mountain track and naturally, a kiddy track for those who are new to the wild world of racing!  Don't forget the cow track, complete with thick snow banks and sleepy cow obstacles, where the only vehicles of choice are ostriches, zebras, camels, donkeys and elephants~

Of course, racing can be quite dangerous, and Meth is a smart cookie. She graciously provided varying difficulty levels, which operate thusly:

Novice is totally harmless, cars will simply bounce off the walls and one another like bumper cars.
Normal is the default level, where minor injuries and whiplash is commonplace, and passengers may find themselves limping away from wreckages.
Hardcore is one step up. Wrecks may result in vicious burns, serious injuries, and even death.
Deathrace is the final, deadly mode. Wrecks can and will occur with frightening frequency, and while weaponry is not provided, various defense mechanics can be deployed. Oil slicks, smoke screens, magnetic brake disabling devices and other such deviousness makes this one for the truly skilled racers only!

As Redd's magic is vast, different tracks and difficulty modes can be run simultaneously; however all racers competing on the same track must operate on the same difficulty level, though they may select differing vehicles if they so desire.
Deck 19
◥ Map unavailable

This deck cannot be accessed. Stairwell doors do not open, and the elevator will not stop here.
Deck 18

Deck 18 is to all outward appearances, completely normal, if a bit messy. But as uninteresting as it seems upon first glance, you may notice that inanimate objects move at a much slower pace than people or animals here.

There is also a nasty rat problem; the Rodents of Unusual Size might be a little bigger than their regular counterparts, but they are completely disinterested in passengers.

APRIL 2010: The rats on this deck are now savage and rabid, protecting a large marble statue of a demon. There is a sign stating that the statue must be fed bread and milk once every two weeks or terrible things will happen.
MAY 2010: The rats on this deck are once again calm and peaceful, wandering around a large marble statue of a demon. There is a sign stating that the statue must be fed bread and milk once every two weeks or terrible things will happen. Usually this is handled by crew, but they are busy busy bees and sometimes forget.
Deck 17

Following a decadent Bohemian theme, this deck is draped in fine silks, and is like an enormous relaxation lounge with throw pillows and incense. There is an ornate tapestry around the walls depicting a medieval village theme. While impressive, it looks normal enough, but look back and sometimes it seems to have shifted. Some people swear it's as if the woven figures can look straight at you ...

APRIL 2009: The tapestry was destroyed by Fenrir, but has been replaced.
APRIL 2010: To the side of one set of pillows on this deck, there is a large, beautiful blue crystal wrapped in an ornate cage. It hums gently, and glows hypnotically, and is hot to the touch. Sitting around it feels warm and inviting and wonderful. However, it will give anyone who goes near it radiation poisoning. The longer they stay, the worse it will be~ This is irreversible and may result in a traumatic death or a mercy kill, depending on the severity.
MAY 2010: This deck is back to normal.
Deck 16

At first glance, this appears to be the same old same old residential deck ... until you look a little closer and realize that all the doors are painted onto the walls or glued shut, and nothing is actually real! Be careful when standing still for too long; every 45 seconds, the gravity on this deck shifts 90 degrees and characters will find themselves walking on the walls and ceiling as they move around.

This deck is home to a rather flustered chicken trying to protect her eggs.

APRIL 2010: Eight doors are now unlocked on this deck. Six will be creepy or weird but harmless, one will open a door and play back a horrifically traumatizing event in the character's life, and the final door will offer a temporary buff. This buff will grant weak players strength for six hours, however they will be unable to access safe havens (any rooms) while it is in place. When it wears off there will be a loud chime and a notice will pop up on all communicators indicating who had the buff and that it has now worn off. If you got a buff, I imagine it's very important to seek safe haven after it wears off if you've taken revenge...
Deck 15

This deck appears to be a cave of some sorts. Blue light filters through – quite bright in some areas, dark in others – but the source is unknown. Most of the cave is flooded with water; the light color on the map represents shallow water (a few inches to a foot), the medium color represents deeper water (one to four feet), and the dark color can go down quite deep (generally four to ten feet, but you’ll find a few spots where it appears bottomless). Be careful – there are a few drop offs! The colors are player reference only, so watch your step!

At starboard bow (upper right corner of the map), a bookshelf full of faded, torn, and burnt books stands. A comfy chair is set up next to it. A mechanical device has been placed near the chair (see more information here).

Deep in the water, a large fish swims in circles. Get too close, and he might mistake you for dinner!

JANUARY 2009: A mechanical reading device was placed near the chair.
APRIL 2009: There is now a way through to lower decks.
JULY 2009: The giant fish has been hooked and killed. It left behind a school of almost fifty baby fish in its place.
DECEMBER 2009: The baby fish have grown up, and mostly eaten one another! There are now three giant fish swimming around in the caves.
Deck 14
Map for player reference

It's a maze, and the walls go from ceiling to floor so you can't see over top of them. There are rooms, but their contents are totally random and while in some you'll find rare treasures, in others you'll just find piles of useless junk. The rooms don't have room numbers, so unless you're diligent, you probably won't be able to find the same room twice.

APRIL 2010: The maze constantly shifts. Hallways will get longer and shorter, widen and squeeze shut and completely disorient anyone who goes in. It is possible to get back out, but there is a strong chance of being trapped until the passenger starves to death.
MAY 2010: The maze is back to normal.
Deck 13

This deck is an enormous, wide-open field of wildflowers of every color and description! The sky is a perfect blue, the earth is soft, rich and fragrant, and the flowers seem to bloom continually! Some flowers will only bloom at certain times of day, so any horticulturists will want to explore this deck at all hours.

At the far, far end of the deck is some kind of structure that seems to be a temple! The inside is dusty, musty, and sunlight filters down through motes of ancient dust in the air. There are many nooks and crannies to hide in!

It would be very nice to explore the whole of this miraculous place, but there's a thick wall of clear ice that roughly follows the outline of the ship's hull that prevents you from straying too far.

APRIL 2010: The flower deck has become a foggy graveyard, full of open graves with rotting corpses inside. It storms, but the rain just can't seem to fall. If a passenger finds their own grave and falls or climbs in, they will feel euphoric; comfortable and warm and utterly at peace. If they aren't helped, they'll starve to death in there; someone will need to pull them out.
MAY 2010: A dozen or so graves can be found tucked amongst the flowers, with a few more sprinkled around the temple. The effects are as noted above.
Deck 12

The majority of deck 12 is completely buried, floor to ceiling, in luggage. It is unknown how the luggage got here, but it is effectively sealing off most off most of the deck. At any given time, a member of the crew (most often the stewardess) can be found on deck 12 trying to clear the luggage out of the hallway, but it is obviously a slow process.

The portion of deck 12 that is relatively clear doubles as a shopping district, although it might be more appropriate to call it a rummage sale. Each of the rooms is open at all times, with labels on the door describing what you can find in each of the rooms, such as formal men’s wear, sporting equipment, socks, toiletries, and jewelry. The objects in the room are not organized in any particular sense of the word, although the clothes are neatly folded.

This deck has an ancient Chinese motif, complete with red painted doors, hanging paper lanterns, and prints of woodblocks and pagodas.

DECEMBER 2008: There is now a path through the luggage to the lower decks.
Deck 11

This deck is mostly just a residential area, except the shaded portion of this deck, which is continually on fire. It doesn’t seem to burn out, but it also doesn’t seem to spread. The smoke stops about ten feet from the fire, but the entire deck smells like a merry campfire. Bags of marshmallows and long sticks are periodically placed at the extreme edge of the fire by one of the crew members, so presumably the conflagration is nothing to be worried about.

This deck has an ancient Greek/Roman motif: the walls have been stucco’d, and there are bas relief depictions of life at the time. The door to each room is framed with a Doric column-inspired façade.
Deck 10

This is the first deck that has anything other than guest quarters on it. Among deck 10’s many amenities are Sergei’s Bar & Grille, the Black Pearl Restaurant (non-operational), the Shore Excursions desk (non-operational), and the Information Desk (non-operational are you detecting a theme here).

The art gallery is currently off-limits, and quite securely locked, as is the theater's stage, which is as operational as any stage can be without actors or a crew or a director.

While no one staffs the information desk or the shore excursions desk, the Stewardess has helpfully put out several brochures about the MS Elegante. The information within them is only marginally accurate, at this point, but if anyone wants to read about it, they are free to do so.
APRIL 2009: Sergei's Bar & Grille is staffed by passengers.
APRIL 2010: The doors to the second floor of the Spectacular Spectacular Theater are no longer locked.
APRIL 2010: All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them.
APRIL 2010: Thick black mist chokes everything, and any mirrors or reflective surfaces are hypnotically fascinating for any passengers. As they stare, they will realize the face they see is not their own. It whispers of all the awful things Redd has done, and offers them a chance to go home, back to their own world. All they have to do is renounce Redd and give up their allegiance to him...
MAY 2010: The doctor is gone, and so is the mist. The Spectacular^2 Theater remains unlocked and the curse has been removed. If you would like to explore the theater please contact a mod.
Deck 09

This largely unremarkable deck offers the second floor of the Black Pearl Restaurant and Sergei’s Bar & Grille, an impressive library, and the Robusto Bar (non-operational). It is snowing in the board room and someone has built a snowman sitting in each seat, looking attentively at another snowman presenting a Powerpoint slide on third quarter earnings.

The doors to the second floor of the Spectacular Spectacular Theater are locked.

The aptly-named store “Nirvana” is a shop wherein people can go to find a state of true happiness, whatever that means to them … at a price, of course. They must bring a material object with them as payment. The more attached they are to the material object, the longer this sense of supreme bliss and enjoyment will last. All good things come to an end, though, and when it does, the object will disappear, presumably never to be found again. Currently, the shop does not accept anything found on deck 12 as currency.

Other highlights include the Egyptian-themed Alexandria Library. The entire collection is available in all languages; one merely has to pick up a book and the text will be in one’s native language. This is no help to the blind or illiterate, but it is highly useful to everyone else. There is a notice in the library that lists about 50 library books that are overdue. If found, they should be returned immediately.

Along the exterior of deck 09 there are a large number of large, sturdy looking life boats. This would be good in an emergency, but a close observer will note that the lifeboats are in fact fused to the ship, and nothing seems to be able to separate them from their moorings.

APRIL 2010: The doors to the second floor of the Spectacular Spectacular Theater are no longer locked.
APRIL 2010: All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them.
APRIL 2010: In the library, as books are read, memories and knowledge will be displaced in order to make room for the new knowledge. The more books that are read, the more a passenger will see things out of the corner of their eye. They'll never see them head on, but their images will become clearer as they read, changing from dark blurs into misshapen blackened figures with monstrous heads who mutter and whisper around them. If they continue to read, they will have nightmares when they sleep, dreams of these creatures standing over their bed and muttering in an unknown language. The curious thing is that it will be obvious that the dream-shadow-things are talking about the passengers in urgent, low voices though it's impossible to make out any clear words.
MAY 2010: The doctor is gone and the library is back to normal! The Spectacular^2 Theater's curse has been removed; it remains unexplored. If you would like to explore the theater please contact a mod.
Deck 08

This deck features several restaurants, cafes, and bars: El Morocco, El Mojito, Grand Piano, Red Carpet, The Cool, Club O2, Our House and the Coffee Shop. These are non-operational by default, but may be staffed by passengers (see the Wiki page for specifics). The Video Arcade is functional. The Royal Flush Casino and Oceanview Bar are “staffed” by Gambler. Insomuch as he is a staff member, and that is where he is found all the time.

Gambler is not much help, though, because he spends most of his time using a slot machine that takes memories as payment. He is very willing to listen to any concerns, and is in some ways a perfect confidante because odds are good he will not remember any of what was said in a day. If anyone would like a drink, Gambler will do his best to mix one, but because of the amnesia, just pray for something that doesn’t actively harm the person.

This deck also has more traditional shops (The Bazaar) that contain just about any normal thing one might need: clothing, jewelry, sunscreen, snacks, soft drinks, etc. Just feel free to take what you like from here.

The Japanese-style restaurant Kuma-Ko is fully operational from 11 AM – 10 PM every day. Please do not be alarmed by the brown bears that staff it; they are fundamentally gentle creatures that seem to enjoy making sushi, serving sake, and listening to karaoke. They don’t speak English, or any other human language, so this is only to the best of what can be understood, based on their actions.

MAY 2009: The Coffee Shop is staffed by passengers.
APRIL 2010: All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them.
MAY 2010: Doctor's gone!
Deck 07

AKA "the boring deck." There is nothing at all strange or magical going on here, it’s just a normal deck that’s been decorated to look like a medieval castle, complete with dull ceremonial swords that are fused to the wall, the occasional heraldic tapestry, and a wall treatment of stone, with heavy wooden doors.
Deck 06

This is a deck that is also rather boring, except for the unfortunate vermin problem -- giant bees the size of small ponies -- beyond room 7410 on one side and room 7419 on the other. There are warning signs posted about it at all banks of elevators on that floor. For now, the vermin are contained, but go beyond the warning signs at your own peril. The motif here is colonial American.
Deck 05

Aka "the even more boring deck." This deck also has nothing strange or magical going on, and it doesn't even look like a castle. It's been decorated to look like an old-style steam-ship.
Deck 04

This is where the (non-sushi) food is! The only crew-operated restaurant, the Rotisserie, is buffet-style, and is open from 7 AM to 4 AM, although the food stops being replaced at 8 PM, so from 10 PM – 4 AM it’s not exactly quality. You can always try complaining to the Stewardess about it; she can usually be found bustling around the Rotisserie, straightening tables, preparing food, and stirring the food in the chafing dishes.

Camp Carnival is currently off-limits. Enter at your own peril; you have been warned.

The quarters on this deck are for those who appreciate the finer side of life. The beds are a bit bigger, and there is a bit more room to store one’s personal effects. In keeping with this sumptuousness, the motif is old Victorian, so get ready for polished hardwood floors, grandfather clocks, and lots of doilies, shams, and table cloths to cover all that shamefully provocative furniture.

MARCH 2009: Mihaila can no longer be found in the galley.
MAY 2009: Mihaila is in the galley once again.
JANUARY 2010: Mihaila is no longer attending the galley.
APRIL 2010: All restaurants are now haunted by a psychopathic doctor who wanders between them.
MAY 2010: The doctor is gone!
Deck 03

If you like wave pools, prepare to be disappointed: the water park is currently out of commission, and an actual park is there instead. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “an actual rainforest,” actually, complete with tall, tropical trees covered in moss, vines criss-crossing through everything, and a small stream that generates from one of the large pool’s former filters, and terminates on the opposite end.

If you ever need to find the first mate, odds are good that you should try looking in the gym. If he’s not there, he’s probably relaxing in the aforementioned forest.

The quarters on this deck are even more decadent than the ones on the deck below, and are done up in a classic art nouveau style. Unfortunately for people who aspire to live in the lap of luxury, passengers are relegated to decks 04, 05, 06, 07, 11, & 12. Sorry!

MAY 2010: There are a few strangling vines and poisonous flowers lurking about. They are largely indistinguishable from other plant life unless examined closely. Be careful! For details of symptoms or possible cures, please contact Otana (AIM: flingintoalake).
Deck 02

The forward portion of this deck contains the luxurious spa, part of which has been retrofitted into a medical bay. If you are experiencing any kind of medical problem, please come here... Please. The robot won't bite.

In a small office by the medical area you can find the ship's therapist. Drop in anytime to chat about what ails you, though do remember that therapy sessions are mandatory and you will get to see him sooner or later.

The aft section of this deck is open-air and features the sports deck and jogging track.

MARCH 2009: Pan can no longer be found at the spa.
JULY 2009: Jamie can no longer be found in the medical center.
JULY 2009: Autonomous Medical Unit 92-XG-3 is now attending the medical center.
Deck 01

All this deck has on it is the mini-golf course and a slide that goes into the functioning pool on deck 03. It’s an excellent place to get away from it all, or to try and thwart the windmill and get a hole-in-one.

The map is subject to change based on events and plots, but don't worry - we'll be sure to tell you when that happens. If you spy a typo or inaccuracy, please inform Mana (AIM: manawoof)!

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